h The 5th International Conference for CDCB and the 2nd ASCB Local Meeting for Yellow Mountain Conference on Single Cell Dynamics
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Registration Fee
On-site registration:


Conference Fee RMB (Required)
Final Registration: October 30, 2016

Academic attendants

Final Registration: $100.00

Industrial attendants

Final Registration: $50.00


Final Registration: $10.00


International Transportation

The organizing committee is not responsible for arranging air-transportation for the registrants between their own countries and Hefei. Registrants must make their own arrangements for air transportation. Please send the information of your airline to organizing committee on USTCLCD@ustc.edu.cn. We will pick you up at the Luogang airport of Hefei.


Methods of Payment

Bank draft should be sent to:
Mr. Zhen Guo, Secretariat of CDCB conference
Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics, School of Life Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China, Hefei, 230027, Anhui,P.R.China
P. S. According to Bank of China regulations, there is handling charge of US$8.00 for each draft; the cost of it should be absorbed by the registrant.

Bank transfers should be made to:
Account Name:     Zhen Guo
Account Number: 49336 0020028825,
Bank:                    Bank of China, Hefei Jinzai Branch.
The International Swift/ BIC Code for the Bank of China is BKCHCNBJ 780.
P. S. Make sure to indicate the name of the Conference "CDCB2016+ User ID" and your full name on the Message to the Beneficiary of your bank transfer, and please keep a copy for your own record and send a copy of the receipt of the bank transfer to MR. Zhen Guo on zhenguo @ustc.edu.cn and USTCLCD@ustc.edu.cn.


Refund Policy and Cancellation Charge
A written notification of cancellation from attendees must be received and confirmed by the conference secretariat before a refund can be issued. An administrative charge and all bank charges will be deducted from the amount according to the date the cancellation letter is received:

Cancellation received by the Secretariat

Registration Fee

Before October 10, 2016

Not charged

Between October 30, 2016 and November 3, 2016

US$50 charged

After November 3, 2016

No refund

Please note that, all refunds will be made after the conference, and all bank service charges will be deducted from the refunded amount.


Currency and Exchange
In China, only RMB is used. However, exchange centers can be found at airports, most hotels and large shopping centers. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) could help you change RMB from your credit card. Visa, Master, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and other credit cards are accepted in most malls and hotels. But it might be difficult to draw cash with credit cards. When exchanging money, please keep your receipt by which you can change the remaining RMB back to foreign currency when leaving China.
Bank of China and most hotels can cash traveler's checks issued by any foreign bank or financial institution. Participants will need to show their passport and pay 0.75% commission fee. Traveler' s checks signed over to a third party cannot be cashed in China, but can be presented for collection through the Bank of China.


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